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HEY ORPHAN BLACK FANS!!! i am the owner of the url TATIANAMASLANY!!!! i feel REAL BAD for hoarding it for so long, so i’m going to release it into the wild!! 


  • both reblogs and likes count, but please reblog it as well as liking it because i want people to see this and have the chance at the url uwu
  • remember, reblogging more than once doesn’t show up in the notes, so it doesnt increase your chance of winning, so don’t!!
  • i will choose the winner on july 18th, a month from today
  • i know it’s a while away but im going to be at camp for a month ;w;
  • i will choose the winner via a random number generator
  • you do not have to be following me to win
  • please have your ask box open


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“Jizz In My Pants” by The Lonely Island. An anonymous request.


OMG BUT KLAUS WAS SO SAD SO UPSET. elena is such a bitch how can anyone even love her. it’s not like klaus killed her family, KILLER HER, has been terrorizing the entire torn for a year. NO, poor sweet baby didn’t deserve the luxury of killing kol himself to be taken away form him by that gilbert bitch. 

and kol poor kol whom we’ve seen in like two episodes, he was so sweet. and all the innocent vampires who died with him. of course we care about them all more than about humans and the lead character of the show whom has every right to protect the people she loves. we care more about “innocent vampires” we’ve never seen. 



are you all fucking mental


Bonnie & Jeremy season 4 episode 14 ” Down The Rabbit Hole”

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“O pior dia de amar alguém é o dia que você o perde.”
Elena Gilbert.

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Bloodstream | Stateless

I think I might have inhaled you
I can feel you behind my eyes
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